Tides of interpretation

A three-dimensional piece of deformed steel drifting on the tides of interpretation. This is Oskar Zięta’s vision for a minimalist steel sculpture placed in the middle of anywhere as a constant, deformed mirror for the changeability of nature and a mirrored dialogue with the elements.

Among the waves

Inspired by the Land Art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the master of steel conceptualized the Sail sculpture as standing still among the waves in the rough waters and exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Thus, it would change together with the water—its surface evolving in rhythm with passing.


Exceptional meanings

Oskar Zięta created a prototype of the SAIL special project, closely related to the sea. The launch took place in the Polish coastal city of Gdynia during the Polish Projects Polish Designers and Roundabout Baltic exhibition in 2017. This unique and symbolic sculpture was created with the proprietary FiDU technology. Lightness and inflation by air give it an exceptional meaning in the context of sailing, deeply rooted in Gdynia itself and the Tri-City area, as the outstanding shape was inspired by a wind-driven sail.

Sailing voyage

In 2023, SAIL sailed to Zürich to be exhibited during Giardina 2023, one of Europe’s leading indoor garden events, where sculptural manifestos of the potential are steel are presented next to Oskar Zięta’s creations such as ANTROPOD, NYMPH, and TOTEM.