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rondo mirror
   Ø 150cm / 59.0″              Ø 120cm / 47.2″       Ø 75cm / 29.5″
Available editions

Steel Rondo made in FiDU tech¬nology are as unique as the re¬flections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives anoth¬er dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall. Eas¬ily modifiable material allows us to create an entire collection of sol¬ids elements, so different and yet beautifully integrated with each other. Some of them are char¬acterized by geometric nature and respect for the proportions, while others are distinguished by unique, bionic form. Thanks to the common factor which is the FiDU technology, the worlds of design, art and technology are combined. The free deformation with the in¬side pressura of the mirrors gives everyone a special and unique form, revealing the true face of the metal.


Uniqueness never goes out of style

Its polished surface reflects the light and objects placed in the same room or hall in the most perfect way. Depending on the Rondo´s ar­rangement, either by hanging it or leaning at the wall, the mirror can change the per­ception of the surroundings.

The Gradient collection

Rondo is a mirror that brings out the minimalist beauty of metal. As part of the Heat collection, Rondo has been dyed with a special lacquer that gives it a unique and remarkable color.

rondo gradient 120

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