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Our history Since 2003 Oskar Zieta has been working as a research associate and a teaching assistant at the chair of CAAD at the ETH in Zurich where he is writing his doctor thesis under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt. Main focus of his thesis is the input of computer-controlled machines in processing of metal sheets in the architecture and design.


During his research at the ETH, Oskar Zieta has developed different methods of enhancing efficiency of technology for steel design, architecture and construction. The main topic was the use of steel sheets as a construction element – cheap, easy to shape and efficient. The problem with steel sheets is stability – the work was focused on how to reach the desired stability of steel sheets to be able to use them as construction elements.


Many different technologies were developed – among others, FIDU technology. In 2008 Oskar Zieta introduced to the market his PLOPP-stool as well as a limited edition of the chair Chippensteel and in 2009 he developed the whole ZIETA collection.

How to stabilize something as thin as a sheet of paper?
We puncture. We bend. We corrugate. We inflate.
We research and consult innovative production processes.

ZIETA Prozessdesign works constantly on the improvement of technologies such as FiDU and 3+ – therefore one of the fields of activities is research and technology consulting. We test new forms and their behaviour in different complexities of final objects and of single shapes, so FiDU technology can be applied wider in the future.


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