Polish Projects Polish Designers

Venue: Museum of the City of Gdynia, Poland
Date: 1 Jul – 12 Nov 2017
Curators: Anna Śliwa, Izabela Bołoz
Project Manager: Anna Gawron
Photos by Bogna Kociumbas

The Museum of the City of Gdynia presents an exhibition from the series “Polish Projects Polish Designers”, devoted to the work of Oskar Zięta, an innovator, product and technology designer. Attention was focused on Polish design so that, in the light of West European trends, the knowledge of Polish design was popularized and to show its particular value.

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The exhibition “Oskar Zięta. Polish Designs, Polish Designers” introduces Oskar Zięta both as a designer of products and production brands as well as a creator of technology and an innovator. It shows how he combines engineering knowledge gained in Poland and abroad with the sensitivity of the artist.

Aluminium G-table creates another possibility in space planning and at the same time preserves unique shape of the table. It was made for enthusiasts of natural bionic forms.

We would like to present the full spectrum of Oskar Zięta’s activity by drawing the artist’s profile and presenting his achievements that have helped to strengthen the image of Polish design in the world. With the presentation of the aesthetic and practical side of design, the exhibition shows that Oskar Zieta is an innovator, as exemplified by FiDU technology, which was created at the juncture of design with art and craft.

The exhibition also features the FiDU Innovation Lab, a presentation of the technology and its possible applications in the industry, creation process, prototypes (2D, 3D), making-of recordings and photos.

Moreover, we want to portray Oskar Zięta as an artist and designer by showing his unique objects like G-Tables, J-Chairs and Plopp stools.
In addition, Oskar Zięta is presented as an architect, a creator of large-scale objects in urban and architectural space – “Nawa” sculpture in Wrocław and “Wir” sculptural installation in Warsaw.

This event also promotes more pragmatic side of the design by presenting Zięta’s modular furniture collections – Pakiet and 3+ in practical, usable form and diversely arranged.

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