Polish Job – Milan Design Week

During this year’s edition of the Lodz Design Festival, the biggest event in Polish world of design, Zieta Prozessdesign will present the first exhibition of the original concept of “When innovation meets ancient”.


Some of the displays we may come across at this exhibition were created over 50,000 years ago. Excellent knowledge of the material allows you to discover its potential. Each material has its own story – copper is known as prehistoric material, the estimated date is 9000 BC. Thanks to the innovative FiDU technology this story is turned into a unique form of a noble face. Other presented manufacturing processes are weaving, which inspires modern industry to exchange silk thread on durable carbon fiber while maintaining, delicacy and uniqueness predecessor. The exhibition will show that objects that are 50,000 years old are not museum objects, but still functional history that is told and used by today’s users, they are still valid. The uniqueness of the exhibition is the fact that the vast majority of its constituent exhibits, for the first time will see the light of day, revealing a wider audience and the effects of technological synergies developed in cooperation with the projects.

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