Photo by Marta Więcek

Parova Console is a new object in the Parova series, which is distinguished by a solid cylindrical base with a sculptural, organic character. In 2019, at the Warsaw Home, Zieta Studio presented Parova Coffee Table. In the case of the console, powder coated or polished steel is combined with personalized table tops. A steel, wooden or concrete top can be selected for the Parova Console. Thus, the console is an object that can be adapted to the interior in terms of form (single or double base), as well as finishes (inox, powder coated steel).

Photo by Weronika Trojanowska

Photo by Marta Więcek


Steel Base and Top

Simplicity made art


Parova Console is a piece of furniture dedicated to be leant against the wall in a space of an entry hall, a corridor or bedroom. It is a complementary object that decorates and elevates the style of an interior. With its tube-like base and thin, light top, it resembles a contemporary minimalist sculpture.


Steel Base with Dark Oak Top

Dark Knight of the Consoles


The minimalist steel base of the Parova Console juxtaposed with the Dark Oak base is something for the true lover of cutting-edge design. It is an object that merges two opposites: cold steel and warm wood, contemporary simple form with a traditional material and shape. It has something industrial in it, but is also just a unique sideboard, a small table or a buffet meant to be leant against a wall.


Parova Consoles belongs to the Parova family of objects with Parova Coffee Tables and Parova Vases in three different dimensions. It is available in a ready-to-order version, but can also be fully customizable.


Parova Console Mono

H: 75 cm / 29.5″

L: 155 cm / 86.6″

D: 46 cm / 39.4″

Parova Console Mono Dark Oak

H: 75 cm / 29.5″

L: 150 cm / 86.6″

D: 40 cm / 39.4″

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