pakiet for architects

Everyone is able to give each product a new context or function – it depends only on you!

We know how important it is to maximize it’s use and to create a comfortable place to work regardless of type of a space. We created a system with many facilities to guarantee the highest quality of use. With them the same workplace will be more convenient and friendly. With Pakiet – an office will receive a personal touch and still remaining highly functional. By choosing our modular system you will get a lot of possibilities for changes in the arrangement in your office. Our furniture are durable and timeless so they ideally suited for public spaces – reception areas, lobbies or meeting rooms.

The collection impresses with a clever and unconventional solution, and carefully elaborated details make it beautiful and unique. Thrifty and simple form is the background for stories told around. Pakiet will be the background that strengthens the best features of your products. Our furniture are made from high quality materials. Multifunctional products will fit into the urban

space by creating a friendly place to relax in restaurants and pubs, also in the open air. The Pakiet also works well in all exhibition spaces, thus highlighting the importance of exhibited products.Thanks to its simple form, the PAKIET does not compete with them, and perfectly complements the whole composition.

Discover a creative world of Pakiet collection.

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