We bring nature closer to you.

Once we were looking for the wisest, smartes and the most sustainable way to transport the products to our dear clients. This way we have come to the idea of creating a furniture system with a limited number of components. We have created Pakiet – radical in its simplicity and powerful through the pure naturalness.

Friendly and domestic character

While living in the city nature can seem very distant. Pakiet system gives an opportunity to get it closer to you with its raw materials. The collection impresses with a smart, simple as well as unconventional joining solution with it’s carefully elaborated details – they are unique and beautiful.

Perfect relationship of a wood and metal.

Pakiet is not only a furniture collection. First and foremost it is a system carefully developed in order to satisfy user’s needs. While designing the Pakiet we focused on every inch of a product, so it can be easily packed and transported efficiently. Pakiet is made of natural, pure plywood. You can give it a more personal touch adjusting it to your unique taste and style.

We’re giving you an opportunity to to get closer to your surrounding and build stronger connection with it! Pakiet loves transforming itself, from flat pieces to three-dimensional objects fitting perfectly into new spaces. This makes it an ideal solution for nomads – always on the go, constantly changing the surrounding.

Zieta delivers across the entire world.


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