Out of Ordinary is a section of Zieta Prozessdesign’s products made of highest quality materials and using the most innovative technology of their processing.




These are exclusive limited series of objects available on special requests made of INOX steel, copper or other materials




The limtied edition of the Plopp Standard and Mini in copper is exploring the FiDU technology on its advanced level by processing materials other than steel. The mostly recognized FiDU manifest – the Plopp stool – was enriched by the impressive material that after finishing to a high gloss polish became a very desirable object by many collectors

Due to further research on different material use in the FiDU technology we decided to present the sophisticated brother of the Chippensteel 0.5 made of polished and lacquered copper offered in the limited edition of 100 pieces.

Raw lacquered steel version of the Chippensteel chair is designed to have an industrial look which allows some scratches, rust stains or indications of welding process on the metal surface underneath the lacquer.