Oskar Zieta has created unique trophies full of symbolism for Punto y Raya film festival taking place in Wrocław on October 25-28.

The 7th edition of Punto y Raya festival took place in Wrocław at Audiovisual Technology Center and Four Domes Pavilion. They are located in the complex of Centennial Hall also including unique, well-known sculptural object – The Spire. Erected in 1948, 90m tall structure is an important and characteristic point in the city. This construction, designed by eng. Stanisław Hempel, was one of inspirations for the trophy.

Abstraction is the leit motif of the festival acknowledged for merging art, science and technology while its participants experiment with form, color, motion and sound in movies they create. Oskar Zieta, known for combining various domains in his projects and for experimenting with forms, materials and technologies, has created for this occasion 4 special trophies for festival winners, all resembling Star Wars-like space shuttle.

Trophy’s core was inspired by lean form and characteristic ribbing of The Spire, hence paying homage to event’s organisers and the city. Paired side elements were made in FiDU – Zieta’s own technology for inflating metals, so characteristic to him.


Each trophy is uniquely colored, depending on metal proccessing method used. One of the techniques is thermal colorisation that allows using high temperature to obtain various shades of gold and deep blue without any reagents or paints. Moreover, one piece was put through the proccess of accelerated aging.

All trophies were made in cooperation with Audiovisual Technology Center and became a focus point for this edition of the festival and main features of promotional video.