Axial narrative

NYMPH materializes a story full of subtlety and balance, built around an imaginable axis within the metal’s spatial composition. NYMPH is a narrative about Oskar Zięta’s fascinations with reflections and material.


Inhabitant of gardens

As befits a mythical creature, NYMPH easily blends in with the natural landscape, gardens, and greenery. The steel, openwork, shiny construction multiplies the surroundings on its surface. It gives the space a mysterious, unique expression.

Torsional story

An imagination-stirring sculpture that inscribes teardrop-shaped profiles in a metaphorical, twisting way, this is a renewed design challenge in Oskar Zięta’s proprietary FiDU technology. The tapering base is an open-ended study of axial stabilization and continued exploration of the potential of internal pressure forming of steel.

Back to the roots

NYMPH has found asylum in Zürich, where it is exhibited during Giardina 2023, one of Europe’s leading indoor garden events. Sculptural manifestos of the potential of steel are presented next to Oskar Zięta’s creations such as ANTROPOD, SAIL, and TOTEM.