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Filharmonia w Szczecinie fot. M. Jastrzebski

Soft transitions between emerald green and sapphire blue


Filharmonia w Szczecinie fot. M. Jastrzebski

Oskar Zieta’s latest creation, the multi-element NUCLEUS mirror brings to mind an art installation rather than a mirror. It consists of several elements made of polished stainless steel covered with a colour coating,

which creates a gradient composition of exceptional depth and unparalleled reflections on their surface. Its power lies in the size and the use of striking colours. Soft transitions between emerald green and sapphire blue shades are the source of an intense visual experience.


Filharmonia w Szczecinie fot. M. Jastrzebski

Beautiful reflection of the surrounding space

The magic here lies in the coating, which is applied to the steel surface with an amazing effect. Researching colouring techniques and selecting proper materials was a long process. It was only once a large number of tests had been carried out that we found the formula of proper colour saturation, adhesion and durability,” Oskar explains. “The coat is applied with a special painting technique so as to obtain a luscious colour gradient.”

Mirrors from the Gradient collection are made of colourized stainless steel and are available in luscious shades of blue and green. They are all made with FiDU technology of inflating sheet metal into a three-dimensional object with characteristic shapes. As metal is given a certain freedom during the process, no object made this way is the same as the other one in the line.


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