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Zieta mirrors

Mirror Design Luxury Zieta Steel

Tafla O is characterized by smooth, optically light shapes inspired by liquid droplets.

Mirror Design Luxury Zieta Steel

Mirrors from C series look a little sharper and have more distinct outlines.

Mirror Design Luxury Zieta Steel

Q series are simple, pure and geometric.


Rondo mirror’s polished surface can change the perception of the surroundings. Large-scale convexities that appear on the surface of the mirror are literally able to alter the space.


Sonar Inox mirror is a modern and artistic look into the question of sharing a space temporary as well as creating a new space from scratch.


Kamyki is a series of wall hangers or decoration in unique but repeatable shapes. They are made of stainless steel polished to high gloss.


Rondel mirros is designed for beauty salons, opticians, luxurious, chic boutiques and for private use for women dresser.


Drab mirror is a part of a Drab ladder family. The inflation effect is not so obvious, yet it is well highlighted in the convexity of this simple form.


Cuma combines Drab mirror with a Drab ladder. Functional object perfect for bedrooms, waitrooms, halls, anterooms and bathrooms.