Multiplied drops of metal

Photo by Marta Więcek

Mercury, a reflecting installation composed of differently shaped irregular silvery elements, awakens references to an eye of a giant insect, a cell seen through a microscope, or drops of liquid metallic elements suspended in time.

It consists of eighty nine air-inflated bulgy stone-like structures that are composed into a disorderly circle. Each element suggests softness and toys with the sense of sight forcing the viewer to take a different perspective on the surrounding reality.

Photo by Maciej Lulko

Minimalist and dreamlike, Mercury creates an otherworldly effect while hung on a wall. It multiplies the reflections of the surrounding space and generates serendipitous flickering effects around it.

Photo by Grzegorz Stępniewski

Photo by Grzegorz Stępniewski

Photo by Grzegorz Stępniewski


Ø: 150 cm / 59,1″

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