J-Chair is another FiDU manifesto with a strong and iconic visual character with a light and durable costruction.J-Chair was created at the special request for Museum Jerke located in Recklinghausen Win Germany. It’s the only museum of Polish contemporary art outside of Polish borders.



The inspiration for the creation of the J-Chair was architectural form of Museum. The impression that the structure of the building is “cutted” and divided into parts inspired us to imitate its design process

during the J-Chair creation.



There are two analogies in the process of creating J-Chair. One of them is inspiration of the composition in Strzemiński’s work “Władysław Strzemiński, Flat Construction – breakage of a black rectangle, 1923”.

The second one is the process of creating an architectural form of Museum Jerke in Recklinghausen. Both give the impression that the composition of the image as well as the design of the building have a visible divisions and cuttings. Similarly, the design of J-Chair made in FiDU technology arose from cuts, the whole creates a coherent object with a strong visual character.

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