International Art Fair Warsaw 2016

International Art Fair 2016 Warsaw


During 7-10.04.2016 Zieta Design was part of an International Art Fair in Warsaw. We presented our new collection of generative designed tables and examples of how innovative Steel in Rotation collection can be used.  


Between art and design.


Our new collection of generative designed bionic G-Tables show that art and design can be merged into one. G-Table B is a combination of Kauri, an ancient, 45000 years old wood and  cooper legs made in FIDU technology. A new form of thetable contruction is an effect of paramertic design and Oskar Zieta’s artistic vision. As part of Limited Edition it is dedicated for private cllections and galleries.


Steel in Rotation is a new way of designing and forming objects using FiDU technology and volumetric expansion. Product can take form of a table, a chair, a sculpture or a huge pavilion, thanks to its scalability. At the end we receive an artistic and beautiful, yet functional and durable object.     


About contemporary design and art


As part of the Art Fair, Oskar Zieta gave a speech about connecting the contemporary design with the art. “Today, art is more like an engineering. We create big scale objects, that are effect of combining art with design and new tchnologies” – said Oskar Zięta. Big scale public architecture is a very good way of promoting cities and culture within.