Venue: IMM Cologne, Germany
Date: 15 – 21 Jan 2018
Photos by Marek Jarosz, Bartosz Jankiewicz

IMM Cologne 2018 was one of the most important design and interior events in the world and it attracted the biggest players in the market. Zieta Prozessdesign at IMM Cologne 2018 won hearts of visitors with objects and sculptures as well as with exceptional character of its stand, incomparable with other exhibitors. Among many similar, cozy arrangements, our booth stood out with clear, strong technological feeling. That undoubtedly attracted visitors.

Bionic shapes

 As one of Zieta’s bestsellers, G-Table had to be a part of our stand at IMM. Beautiful, natural and charming shape is the effect of merging FiDU – innovative forming technology with advanced software scripts and materials of the highest quality.


Bionic consoles shown officially for the first time at IMM were another brand new objects. Inspired by natural floral shapes and created in FiDU technology, they establish a new trend in interior arrangements, especially put together with architectural concrete table tops.

Intriguing J-Chair

Every trade show is an occasion to premiere new products and concepts. This time new editions of J-Chair made their debut. Inspired by W. Strzeminski’s painting, they can definitely compete in terms of defined character, originality and ability to use in public spaces.

Lose yourself in reflection

Our stand was illuminated with Tafla mirror’s flashes. Tafla does not reflect reality, it creates a new one. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall.

Anniversary of design icon

Our iconic Plopp stool celebrates 10th anniversary this year, so we decided to start new year with creating new colour palette. Out of 20 initial colours we selected a few most popular based on a survey among our customers. They were also shown at IMM.

A wall full of news

While visiting Zieta Prozessdesign at IMM Cologne 2018, visitors had a chance to see miniatures of  all ourcurrent projects. They created a narration through Oskar Zieta’s artworks.

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