IMM Cologne 2014

Thank you for visiting our innovation workshop at the fair IMM Cologne and energy that gives us the opportunity to talk with people appreciating good design.


With technology 3+ we produce furniture that is not tied to space or function what we demonstrated in the latest Furniture Fair in Cologne. Furniture made in our technology 3+ allowed us to simultaneously arrange our stand on Creativity Workshop and furnished a café in Pure Village hall . For ex. the same table one time can be a functionl elegant table at which we drink coffee , eat lunch or sign an important contract , and another time it can be a workshop table at which arise innovative projects and ideas performed in real time in a 3D printer Zmorph. A key element in our collection are plates covered with a grid of points , you can create many different objects  thanks to appropriate connectors, so you can turn your shelf in a cabinet on wheels or change table top into wall exhibition panels. Construction of a new facilities in our technology is like with Meccano or Lego blocks and is tailored to the lifestyle of modern nomads .

We develop innovative technologies,  3+ as FiDU allows for flexible production process so we can create a personalized and customised elements for specific projects.

3+ Furniture is a system of tools for the any purpose. Not even a child’s imagination will exhaust the potential of the 3+ system.

Our partners: ZMORPH and TOYA

Our Partner: Culture.pl