Hamburg Stilwerk

HAMBURG STILWERK 2011: limited editions gallery

In the last days of August ZIETA Prozessdesign experienced a grand opening of the ZIETA collections´ exhibition at the Stilwerk limited edition design gallery. The vernissage was a good opportunity to meet great admirers of Oskar Zieta works, friends, design and technology enthusiasts and among others also readers of the A&W magazine which has its hub in Hamburg. The editorial team of the Architektur&Wohnen magazine that awarded Oskar with the Audi Mentor Prize were invited as special guests.


The exhibition is held in a very beautiful, airy and white spaces of the limited editions gallery in the 7th floor of Stilwerk building. This pure ambience gave us an opportunity to  build the focus on the object itself, its remarkable deformations, shades or the clear painting or polishing.


It is for the first time when the whole collection of standard products like the iconic Plopp stool or the Chippensteel 0.5 chair and the limited or special editions using special materials i.e. copper are being shown together.


Additionally in the very centre of the gallery on the podium the visitors can watch the genesis of the ZIETA collection which is a variety of prototypes, samples and tests in FiDU technology produced in order to achieve a completed object. Those worn out and rusted pieces are the soul of the collection. And thanks to them it is possible to understand the long way of researching, prototyping and testing in FiDU that paved the way for the result we can enjoy today. It is kind of a specific memento of our long and difficult journey of controlling the process of metal shaping which is still unfinished. Our purpose by that was to show how we have evolved  in the meantime, what eventually we have achieved and by closer looking where are we going.