H: 76cm/30″
W: 120cm/47.2″
D: 210cm/82.7″


217.6 x 110 x 5.6 cm

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Available colours


oor can be powder painted


black oak

We use parametric design software to generate G-Table form. Modifying a few variables lets us create a miniature model as well as a huge pavilion. Delicate structure of table legs may become stocky and dominating. All those factors cause G-Table to be not only an effect of the process, but also a process itself. G-Table’s base consists of parabolic forms. Made with FiDU technology, it reminds of vines or tree roots. Nature symbolizes a constant changeability and harmony that comes out of it. Diverse structure of G-Table refers to both natural forms and processes.

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We’ve created a new way of generating bionic objects. With parametric and generative design we are able to create endles generations of new products and constructions. As a result, we are able to create smooth, elegant and gentle forms which at the same time remain stable, durable and functional. We use generated forms as table constructions supporting custom table tops.


We use computer controlled parametric program to generate constructions and art forms. By modifying 5 features we are able to generate tailored parametric arches, that are not limited in scale. They can create basis for table tops as well as huge pavilions. We are playing with scales and sizes in every dimension.


Thanks to the common factor which is the FiDU technology, the world of design, art and technology are combined. The free inner pressure deformation gives every object a special and unique form of revealing the true face of the metal.

G-table Kauri

G-Table K is made of copper and ancient Kauri wood that has been buried in marshes of New Zealand for 50.000 years. Its past was recorded in subtle and absolutely unique structure of tree rings. The pleasant scent of Kauri makes G-Table K not only an artistic object, but also an intensive sensual experience. Colors of table top by Holzano and copper base made with FiDU technology harmonize together and create a consistent entity. Kauri is the oldest wood of the world while FiDU technology is the most innovative way of metal forming. This is where the past meets the future.

The Heat collection

Gold inox G-Table was presented for the first time by Zieta at Rossana Orlandi Gallery. A custom made table, a bionic symbiosis of black granite with a leather texture and bionic legs resembling vines and roots.

Rossana Orlandi Fuorisalone Salone de mobile 2018 Zieta Prozessdesign Chippensteel Plopp G-Table Heat
Rossana Orlandi Fuorisalone Salone de mobile 2018 Zieta Prozessdesign Chippensteel Plopp G-Table Heat

Thermically Colored Carbon Steel

Black Oak is the oldest wood in Poland. Hidden from the world at the bottom of Polish rivers and swamps for thousands of years, it is now mined and transformed into stunning table tops with outstanding character and visual features that arouse our senses and open up our imagination. Owing to thousands of years of oxidization, mineralization and active tannins, the wood gained dark grey to dark blue color. Deep, dark and tempting with tint.

Inspired by nature, designed using the latest design tools, made in our own technology. The bionic base of the G-Table is the result of the use of parametric and generative design that allows the development of ideal parameters, combining endurance with exceptional aesthetics. The key factor to their finish is thermocolorization – carbon steel treated with the right temperature changes its color. The depth of color obtained in this way takes us on a journey to another world.

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