G-Tables is a series of bionically shaped objects that are generated with a parametric design algorithm created for this project.

Designing process starts with entering into computer software parametres like number of people sitting at the table and its future surroundings. Shape of the table, leg construction and legs layout is optimized by the algorithm applied by designers.

“We encourage the customer to engage into designing process, to influence the final shape. The table top can be made of various materials, depending on customer’s requirements. It allows to adjust it to one’s needs. There are no two identical G-tables, they are all unique.”

G-Tables is a series of bionically shaped objects that are generated with a parametric design algorithm created for this project.

Parametrically designed tables

Since his early works and the first FiDU applications, Oskar Zieta has used architectural software to generate optimal forms for specific objects. G-Tables, a recent collection of bionically shaped tables, is made both with FiDU and with a specially developed parametric design algorithm. The designing process here starts with entering into the computer software a few important parameters, such as the number of people that need to be seated at the table, the table’s required geometry or information on its future surroundings.

The table’s metal base, which is also available in a variety of options, is made of parabolic forms. It reminds you of floral vines and plant roots, all created with FiDU. Nature symbolizes constant changeability and harmony, hence diverse structure of G-Table relates to natural forms as well as processes. “By combining parametric design and FiDU technology we can reach the full potential of the project, “ Oskar says.

G-TABLE Ancient table in Cosmic Blue with a topmade of bog oak.

G-TABLE Ancient table in Cosmic Blue presented at the exhibition will be crowned with a top made of bog oak. This unique and native variety of wood was hidden at the bottom of Polish rivers and lakes for thousands of years. Now it is mined and transformed by LUPUS 73 into a unique material that will be the culmination of the presented table. Thermal coloring is a rarely used technology.

Deep and intriguing color is obtained byapplication of high temperature. Depending on the type of metal, pressure and gascomposition used for heating, the surface can get a subtle Flamed Gold color or a deep darkshade of Cosmic Blue

G-TABLE table in Cosmic Blue with a granite table top

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