How to stabilize something as thin as a sheet of paper?


FiDU, from German Freie Innendruck Umformung, is a method of creating objects on various scales, from two-dimensional (2.5) sheets of flat metal welded together using internal pressure. It is based on a free deformation process, known also as volumetric expansion. Moreover, production files required to define the 2.5D form are just a few kilobytes when allowing for a ‘controlled loss of control’. Trying to define the same final form for traditional production methods would require several gigabytes of data.

As Oskar Zięta, says: “FiDU is characterized by extraordinary lightness, durability, the ability to create forms tailored to the specific needs, without expensive tools or moulds. This gives us great opportunities. An example is the Blow & Roll installation made of steel rolled profiles, which can be inflated at any place and transformed from a rolled flat metal ribbon into a durable, lightweight three-dimensional pillar. Such elements are in demand in any industry, and even useful in the conquest of space. After projects such as Nawa in Wrocław or Wir in Warsaw, I know that FIDU technology has a future in architecture and other branches of the industry.”