Technology of the Future



FiDU is an innovative method of changing bits to atoms. Today’s world is overflowing with unnecessary and intrusive data. We puts emphasis in its production processes not just on using less material, but also less data.
Zieta Prozessdesign uses precise robots and organised tools to create an effective and sustainable production process. Thanks to the programmed process and excellent understanding of the material, sheet-metal, the designer can pass on some of their competencies.

Thus the material ‘decides’ about its final form which is achieved when deforming from 2.5D (two welded flat metal shapes) into 3D using internal pressure. Production files required to define the 2.5D form are just a few kilobytes when allowing for a ‘controlled loss of control’. Trying to define the same final form for traditional production methods would require several gigabytes of data!

With FiDU technology designers can only control key joining points of the geometry, while surfaces and the negative space were the result of free deformation by internal – ‘controlled loss of control’.

Moreover – it makes objects so durable, that it can be categorized as an ultra-light construction. It allows us to create innovative, customised, bionic shapes and to produce them in small series using very efficient production processes. The technology can be applied to produce ultra-light constructions of great weight capacity – for product design and architectural elements.