Design Basel

Karena Schuessler Gallery showed our limited edition products: Chippensteel chairs and tables design by Oskar Zieta and Lutz Huening at the Design Basel from 13 to 18 June 2011. This time our chair was one of the faces of the festival and has been printed on the official press materials!


Design Basel is one of the most prestigious design and art events. Best galleries from all over the world show their current pieces or organize unique exhibitions of single and limited editions. Chippensteel chairs and Plopp stools designed by Oskar Zieta and produced in limited amounts are shown by Karena Shuessler Gallery from Berlin.

FiDU technology, developed by Oskar Zieta at the ETH Zurich, helps produce unique objects efficiently, and so the unique, one-of-a-kind design is closer to people.

Our unique editions are an effect of our research of the use of other materials than steel in FiDU. We learn how to control the deformed sheets for copper, brass or aluminium. Because each material has different parameters, we need to cut it, weld it in a different way and put other parameters to the internal pressure deformation, to be able to control the form. Even the way different kinds of metals are made has influence on their behaviour during the inflation.

The experiments lead us to the better knowledge about different materials so we can further develop FiDU and design more advanced and more customized constructions.

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