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CUST – new mobile catalogue of Zieta’s products


Modular, innovative, minimalist- with these terms Zieta has been always described. From today we could add another one adjective: mobile. In collaboration with Circus Digitalis was made mobile application, whereby user can better know products.


In the age of computers and digital perception of the world, paper has become inconvenient and unnecessary material. The newest CUST application was designed for Zieta Prozessdesign and it acts as online catalogue, in which we might not only see products, we can also configure them. Oskar Zieta’s furniture are an innovative projects that are mainly based on technological progress. There are two main collection: FiDU and 3+. To maintain order in application this division was also used.

The task of CUST is approximation customer to the product. In typical catalogue we turn over dozens of sites and we are forced to watch things that we do not necessarily want to. The application reduces problem of wasting paper nd transfer all content to digital version. User decides, what he wants exactly see.


The whole layout of application is very clear and understandable- that makes it ever so easy. At the beginning we choose a collection that we are interested in, then we click on the specific product. As an example, let’s take legendary PLOPP stool. It was made in FiDU technology, so firstly we choose this category. Look for the PLOPP at the bottom of the list and then fun begins. Stool can be rotated in all directions, we can watch it from the top and from the bottom. On the right side appears toolbar, for example we can press the “I” icon and then display text describing the model. On the other hand, if we click on the brush symbol, we will be able to see available colour versions for the individual furniture, for example PLOPP might be “painted” on yellow, green, red, black, white, blue. In addition we have a choice of different dimensions and sizes od products (PLOPP is attainable in standard, mini and bar option).

Application CUST was shown first time simultaneously in two places: during Lodz Design Festival and Design Meile in Berlin. It was perfect complement for exposed products. Festival’s guests viewed other products n tablets, configured them, changed colours. Ease of use let them know Oskar Zieta’s designs.

CUST on iTunes >>>>


our Partner: circusdigitalis.com