Photo by Weronika Trojanowska

Crash Table is the materialization of a “controlled loss of control”, when what appears to be accidental is in fact the result of a carefully planned process. The steel table top rises slightly on the legs, which at the same time seem to be crushed by its weight. This “swashbuckling” table is the first project made of satin inox steel – it does not reflect light like polished steel, thanks to which the attention is focused on the very form of the table, minimalist and extravagant at the same time.

Photo by Weronika Trojanowska

Photo by Weronika Trojanowska

Crash Table is the embodiment of lightweight engineering. The technically advanced, topologically optimized table top is invisible to the eyes, but it is the structural core of the object that retains its strength and volume with less weight. The outer shell of the table, with legs made of reinforced steel profiles, is an artistic emanation of the optimization and discretization process hidden inside the object.


H: 75 cm / 29.5″

L: 220 cm / 86.6″

D: 100 cm / 39.4″


satin inox

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