Concrete table

Nogi table structure
H: 72 cm / 28.3″
W: 88 cm / 35.8”
L: 191 cm/ 75.2″
H: 72 cm / 28.3″
W: 90 cm / 35.4”
L: 180-380 cm/ 79.9″-149.6″
H: 44 cm / 17.3″
W: 129 cm / 50.7”
Steel in rotation
No.1 coffee table
H: 37 cm / 14.5″
W: 75 cm / 29.5”
H: 2,5 cm / 0.9″
D: 90 cm / 35.4″
W: 190 cm / 74.8″
H: 3,0 cm / 1.1″
D: 100 cm / 39.3
W: 240 cm / 94.4″
H: 2,0 cm / 0.7″
W: 129 cm / 50.7″
H: 2,0 cm / 0.7″
O: 90 cm / 35.4″

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Available colours


oor can be powder painted



Zieta Prozessdesign and Beton.exe are design studios that consider innovation, product adaptation to individual needs, quality and utility nature of the products as the key elements in the business. Both companies have a mastery in forming the structure of extremely durable material – Zieta Prozessdesign in steel, Beton.exe in concrete. Hence, owing to the cooperation with Beton.exe we were able to create unique tables: Nogi table construction and Steel in Rotation both being a combination of modern design, innovative technology, strength and functionality. Table’s steel construction made with FiDU technology is extremely light and durable, furthermore Beton.exe’s concrete table tops are light and solid as well. On one hand, concrete table tops give the impression of toughness and reliability, on the other hand, FiDU steel construction have a feeling of lightness and fragility. These two, seemingly different faces of our projects, together create unique products and aesthetic and functional qualities.


Nogi is a unique construction for tables. It can be produced in different shapes and sizes as well as in different kinds of metals. The standard table construction is designed for the table tops of maximum length of 2,2 m. For a longer boards, Nogi can be customized accordingly to produce a more durable table construction.

Steel in rotation coffee table

Design is like a lense, but instead of light, it brings into focus various disciplines. From everyday life to hard sciences, it creates a new quality that redefines new functions. Volumetric expansion focuses bionics, technology, design and innovation, together shedding new light on the world of tomorrow.

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