Zieta Studio’s Transitions Collection is the answer to the inevitable and constant striving for change: of light becoming a shade, of colours becoming darkness… This collection of mirrors is the effect of experiments with various shades of transparent lacquers. Applied to steel polished surfaces they change the minimalist appearance of RONDOOKO and TAFLA, while still maintaining their reflective character.


Mirrors from the Gradient series are made of stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish and covered with a special lacquer, creating on their surface a unique composition of colors with exceptional depth and unparalleled reflections.


The new face of steel was presented by Oskar Zieta. Using natural properties of various types of steel, through research led to development of technology that uses high temperature to colorize steel surfaces. Many years of experiments allowed to master the process of achieving specific colors and define them. It is a unique approach to a process, extracting not only its authentic form but also its authentic color.


Copper Collection is part of Out of Ordinary, a section of Zieta products made of highest quality material – a copper and using the most innovative technology of their processing. We create objects that combine the art with design and individual needs.


Pakiet is not only a furniture collection. First and foremost it is a system carefully developed in order to satisfy user’s needs. While designing the Pakiet we focused on every inch of a product, so it can be easily packed and transported efficiently. Pakiet is made of natural, pure plywood. You can give it a more personal touch adjusting it to your unique taste and style.


3+ is a collection of furniture made in our technology of forming sheet metal. Using advantage of holes and technical characteristics allowed to create three kinds of furniture that are an onset to further development of 3+ system. Standard set of furniture can be rearranged and  expanded in order to create remarkable solutions for offices, houses and public venues.