A development of the limited edition Chippensteel 0.5 chair – available in new colours. It still offers a unique material experience but the shape of the chair has been slightly redesigned to allow a mass-production. The chair has been uniquely processed and produced in FiDU technology using bending properties of steel sheets.

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photo Jonas Balsevičius

photo Jonas Balsevičius

Tradition and innovation

Chippensteel 0.5 is fine example of blending FiDU process and craftmanship. The 2D form is cut from metal sheet and goes through welding and inflanting, becoming three dimensional functional chair. The finishing touch by designer and craftsman gives it a final beauty. The latest, optimal form of Chippensteel 0.5 emerge of many experiments, prototypes and design processes.


Chippensteel chair can be produced in different materials. They maintain the original lightness and form thanks to FiDU technology but contain the uniqueness of used metal.

Controlled loss of control

Design of Chippensteel 0,5, although optimized for mass production, maintain the uniqness of FiDU technology. Every chair has one of a kind details and folds that show us the true properties of used steel sheets. This is what we call “the controll of lost controll”.

The Heat Collection

Chippensteel from Heat collection – a chair of unique, inflated shape that went through the process of manual technique of thermal coloring, which brings out the hidden colors of steel.

photo Weronika Trojanowska, scenography Ula Kaczmarek

photo Weronika Trojanowska, scenography Ula Kaczmarek

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