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21, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris, Paris Design Week, from September 3 to 24


photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery


The year 2020 we celebrate Zieta’s 10th anniversary. At the time, Oskar Zięta’s first object introduced to the market, the PLOPP stool, had already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2008, the German Design Council Award 2008 and the Forum AID Award 2009. To the date, it remains the Zieta Studio icon and bestseller.

To celebrate the decade of exceeding the limits of steel Zieta’s selected objects have been featured on several exhibitions both in Europe and in China. PLOPP, RONDO, G-Table, NUCLEUS, TAFLA and many others have been travelling around the world promoting Oskar Zięta’s work, as well as innovative Polish design.


photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery


photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery

RINCK_Popup_Chez-un-connaisseur-72 (2)

photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery

100 PLOPPs for 10th Anniversary


Especially for the 10th anniversary of Zieta Prozessdesign, we have prepared an exceptional edition of PLOPP – with a memorial 10th-anniversary’s logo engraving.


The limited-edition PLOPP with the polished inox finish is available only in 100 pieces. Every piece is numbered and comes with a certificate of originality.

Chez un connaisseur, a group exhibition hosted by Rinck in collaboration with Savannah BayGallery as part of the Paris Design Week, was one of such shows. The pop-up space in Paris, was filled with the best of contemporary art and design selected by Rinck in collaboration with tastemaker, and Deirdre Dyson French representative, Julia Van Hagen.


The exhibition was hosted in the same neighbourhood as decorator Charles Zana’s studio, François Laffanour Galerie Downtown, Galerie Jacques Lacoste and many others.

RINCK_Popup_Chez-un-connaisseur-30 (2)

photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery

The exhibition featured the Mini Cosmic Blue and Standard Heat Gold PLOPPs next to two table lamps in laminated dichroic glass, the work of Buzao Studio.


Among objects on display, next to Oskar Zięta’s PLOPP stools, the visitors could find the exclusive wallpaper by Fromental and rugs from Deirdre Dyson’s collection “Looking Glass”. The contemporary furniture was juxtaposed with some elegant Art Deco sideboards and details. The interior was painted by the artisans of Argile and featured two of the Paris specialists’ custom shades, Atelier Red and Scala, creating the perfect bold backdrop for the beautiful objects on view.

RINCK_Popup_Chez un connaisseur-60 copie (2)

photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery

RINCK_Popup_Chez-un-connaisseur-33 (2)

photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery

RINCK_Popup_Chez-un-connaisseur-8 (2)

photo Chez un connaisseur, Savannah BayGallery

To enhance the space, Julia Van Hagen chose a series of powerful artworks, with a photograph by Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil, a mixed-media work by New York painter Borden Capalino, a canvas painted in malachite ink by Californian Matthew Brandt and a painting by Jonathan Monk.

Zieta’s PLOPP stools stunningly reflected the surroundings and matched the emerald, navy and golden colours of the wallpaper, rugs and other lamps on display.