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Zieta at Warsaw Home 2019


Warsaw Home Expo

Oct. 3-6, 2019

Hall F, Stand F4.12

selected design

Al. Katowicka 62

05 – 830 Nadarzyn, Poland

“I AM” is the slogan of Warsaw Home 2019 trade show. It relates to Oskar Zieta being focused on creating beautiful, valuable and modern objects that enrich public spaces and private interiors. Moreover “I AM” points to important values of identity and consciousness. Oskar Zieta creates remarkable objects with deep passion – shapes made of metal inflated with air, hence the catchphrase “BLOWN WITH LOVE”. We cordially invite you to “Blown with love” exhibition in hall F, stand F4.12 where Zieta will show Autumn premieres of surprising and fascinating designs.


chair as light as the air that creates it.

A minimalist chair inspired by the Superleggera design by the famous Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti. Built on an ultra-lightweight and durable frame made with innovative FiDU technology and laser-cut seat and backrest. All made of one material – the highest quality aluminum. The construction is characterized by exceptional lightness.


During Milan Design Week 2019 at Salone del Mobile, Oskar Zieta presented new form of mirrors – TALFA IQ that celebrates geometric simplicity and respect for proportions. Tall and narrow shape allows implementing it into most demanding interiors and arranging both as single mirror or multi-element set, creating marvelous way of filling space. Impression on a steel surface does not reflect reality, it creates a new one.


Optically light shapes

Steel Mirrors made in FiDU technology are as unique as the reflections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall.

Easily modifiable material allows us to create an entire collection of solids elements, so different and yet beautifully integrated with each other. Some of them are characterized by geometric nature and respect for the proportions, while others are distinguished by unique, bionic form.

tafla C mirrors


Monumental. Impressive. Breathtaking.

Monumental. Impressive. Breathtaking. This is how an epic new form by Zieta can be described.The three-meter-long installation made of mirror elements and air-sculpted metal, which has already been showcased at Salone del Mobile 2019, will now be presented to the Polish audience for the first time. It will also be the centerpiece and the landmark of this year’s presentation.

nucleus sculpture
nucleus sculpture
nucleus sculpture


Deep, dark, blue and intriguing. New unique finish of Rondo Deep Space Blue takes the spectators for an unexpected journey into undiscovered world of reflections. The mirror resembles of cosmic wonders and at the same time can be fitted with most demanding and elegant interiors.

rondo deep space


Parova tables as a set have a simple but lively form, reminiscent of a plant organism suited to the terrain. Independent, however, attract attention by combining a strong leg with a light top.

Parova tables can be finished in various ways. Polished one can merge with the surroundings or bring them out thanks to reflections. Colorful can give a strong tone or bring harmony.

parova tables
parova tables
parova tables


New forms of the CRYSTALS mirrors will be presented as a multi-element wall constellation. Curved mirrored surfaces allow to get lost in reflections. The inner part of the CRYSTALS with its mirrored surfaces, creates a curved reality.

crystals mirrors
crystals monolith and chippensteel prototype


CRYSTALS table is a brand new concept and evolution of the diamond inspired series of objects. The inner part of the CRYSTALS table base, with its mirrored surfaces, creates a kaleidoscope, a curved reality. In this way, people looking into the object experience a colorful optical illusion. The clear table top will expose the shapes of parametrically designed base to present the purity of form.

crystals table
crystals table
crystals table


G-TABLE Ancient table in Cosmic Blue presented at the exhibition will be crowned with a topmade of bog oak. This unique and native variety of wood was hidden at the bottom of Polishrivers and lakes for thousands of years. Now it is mined and transformed by LUPUS 73 intoa unique material that will be the culmination of the presented table.Thermal coloring is a rarely used technology.



Furnish your interior with a remarkable double-legged decoration that will be functional and aesthetic adornment of the space – a bionic console. It’s a noble mix of the spirit of sophisticated interiors and beguiling design.

Steel Mirrors made in FiDU technology are as unique as the reflections in them. Rondo’s polished surface reflects the light and objects placed in the same room or hall in the most perfect way. Depending on arrangement , the mirror changes the perception of its surroundings, becoming a visual dominant in the interior.

g-console and mirror
g-console and mirror


Thermal coloring is a rare, forgotten technique, used by Oskar Zieta for coloring steel. Deep and intriguing color is obtained through the use of high temperature, extracting the surprising beauty of metal without the use of chemical dyes and reagents.

the heat collection
the heat collection


J-Table continues the main idea behind the creation of the original J-Chair for the Jerke Museum. Playing with deconstruction, division and reduction, we received the effect of overlapping different planes, creating a coffee table, as if suspended between a flat and spatial dimension. This action resulted in a light but visually strong object. It complements perfectly with J-Chair chairs, as if adding to what is beyond on the Strzemiński’s painting “Flat construction – breakage of a black rectangle, 1923”


Simple is more. Simple is sexy. In case of this new proposition of vases, simple is not boring as well. There is something alluring in Zieta’s cold yet warm vases.

Polished stainless steel enhances greenery effect and vase itself becomes delicate, almost invisible accent.

parova vases

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