Ballantine’s Bar Design



The Ballantine’s 12 bar was created in March 2011 for the Ballantine’s 12 Art of Beyond event in London. Different parts of the interior were designed by different artists – stools by Lee Broom, lights by Creatmosphere, floor by Jovo Bozhinovski, glasses by Rolph Sachs and walls by Luis Galliusi..

Zieta Prozessdesign were commissioned to design a bar.

Oskar Zieta’s words best describe the concept:

Everything about the process of producing Ballantine’s 12 inspired me – the distillation, pressing, warming up, boiling, evaporating, cooling down, and liquefying. I work with innovative production processes every day and to be able to combine my design language with the ideas inherent in Ballantine’s 12 seemed very attractive. I compared the process of making Ballantine’s 12 whisky’s to the material stabilizing process, experimenting with internal pressure to make steel ‘melt’ . This inspired me to reverse the regular process of inflation that I use, and to turn it into an implosion to stabilize the ultra-thin material. Even though the process is industrial, the overall look is of melting ice cubes. It will work as a false mirror so that everything around it will melt too. It is great to show another face of the free deformation possibilities in my FiDU technology and its flexibility to serve as a construction, design and a communication for great brands like Ballantine’s 12.