Zieta Prozessdesign and Axalta are studios that consider innovation, product adaptation to individual needs, quality and utility nature of the products as the key elements in the business. Both companies acheived a mastery in their craft – Zieta Prozessdesign in forming steel objects, Axalta  in powder coating. Hence, owing to the cooperation with Axalta we were able to create unique objects. In 2016, Axalta celebrated 150 years in the coatings industry. From the inception of their business in 1866 to the manufacture of next generation environmentally compatible products demanded in the 21st century, they have continued to evolve. What has not changed is a tradition of quality, technology, innovation, and leadership that puts customers first.

10 years of Plopp stool

Axalta, one of the leading powder coating companies, took the challenge and prepared new limited edition of color palette for 10th anniversary of the pop cultural Plopp stool. The palette of colors, shades and nuances of the finish delights with diversity and quality.

Plopp’s new colorways

New reveal of the design icon, finished with powder coating by world wide known Axalta. All of the selected colorways you can find in our permanent collection.

Paint Expo 2018

Axalta has created an amazing show at Paint Expo 2018 in Karlsruhe, Germany and Zieta was proud part of it. The exhibition delightfully showed how much of life and Plopp’s dynamic can be delivered into public space. Restaurants, coffeeshops, offices and other diverse spaces are a natural element for the stool. Plopp brings a smile on every face and subtly adds a touch of style. It’s amazing how much an ordinary stool can change in the space around.

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