Innovation, modernity, technology: Zieta Prozessdesign and Audi together under the same roof.


It is said that Berlin is a city of culture: crowds of different people  the streets around modern and historic buildings is a typical picture for this place. Berlin is teeming with life and energy- there is lot of parties, events, festivals. On one of them Oskar Zieta appeared with his projects. Furniture were surrounded by Audi cars.

In Audi’s showroom in Berlin was shown products of Zieta Prozessdesign, for example main product PLOPP stool.  However it wasn’t presented in its standard form. In Audi’s salon people might see brand new vivid colors: yellow, green, red.

Main attraction was Carbon Table, which is made consistent with the idea of Open Design (few projects combining). Table contains Zieta’s Nogi and carbon top. Nogi are made in FiDU technology, it means internal pressure forming. Carbon top is produced by Compositence. Nowadays carbon is treated as luxury and exclusive product. Compositence uses this material in purest form and does it in such a way to minimize wasting of fibers. To maximize potential of carbon, Compositence analyzes factors as load, to finally put fiber exactly where it needs to be. Whole composition delighted viewers with its modern, minimalist form, guests admired carbon’s silky structure , which gives elegance for bionic, steel legs.

In Berlin was also the premiere of brand new mirrors named Tafla. Innovative FiDU technology allows gain unique forms. Ordinary mirror is made of glass or crystal and it is flat. Zieta’s mirrors are made of high-gloss polished metal. Apart from unusual materials, Tafla characterizes by original, untypical forms. The collection consists of several solids, which although have different shapes perfectly match together. One of them are geometric, simple, symmetric, other are unique, outsized.

Walking around Audi’s salon viewers might admire beauty and precision of cars and innovation of Zieta’s furniture at the same time. Stools and tables were great background for modern cars, silver wheels reflected in the Tafla mirrors.

Among Zieta’s furniture were also tables and chairs 3+, it is modular collection. One of tables (in raw version) stood next to amazing Audi A8. Despite the contrast between uniform car’s surface and unpainted construction altogether looked stunning. 3+ Table we may also saw with 3D printer Zortrax. This connection is Creative Workshop. Opportunities offered by the three-dimensional printing, we can use the new, finer great wpasowujących applications in aesthetics of the furniture.

In addition to furniture exposed participants of the festival were able to see other products Zieta Prozessdesign thanks to brand new application Cust, which allows people to view products from all sides. Furniture are shown in various different sizes and colors.

Walking down the street Kurfürstendamm we could see the glass boxes with Zieta’s products (mostly PLOPPs).