Audi Q3 testimonial

Oskar Zieta – testimonial for the new Audi Q3


This Autumn Oskar Zieta among few others brave and innovative developers became the testimonial for the new Audi Q3. The new Q3 benefits from the groundbreaking ideas and recent developments in different areas of science, technology and art of living that inspired the minds of the Audi engineers. The PR strategy of the Audi Q3 reveals the origins of its innovative modeling and rediscovering of its form (design), mobility and use of space. The very well known Audi commercial phrase “Progress through technology” (org. “Vorsprung durch Technik”) has been strengthened by the statement “Build from new expectations” that answers the needs of the new world evolving around us. And the key to that is the Audi Q3.


As testimonials for design appear Oskar Zieta and Eva Maguerre. Both are working with simple and flexible materials that after being processed result in durable 3d shapes. Oskar is underlining the profits of low weight construction and still more possibilities for a good design within. All that can be achieved with FiDU technology that is using existing CNC machines and inside pressure accordingly. Use of elementary material – thin metal sheets – combined with innovative technology that evolved from the knowledge of basic physics´ theories and input of CNC machines led to an outcome where less means actually more. And makes the slogan “all you need is less” very true!