Audi Q3 Leipzig

Sponsoring for Audi Q3 – Leipzig premiere


Started with the launch around the world in Berlin, Shanghai or Barcelona and followed by other major European cities the Audi Q3 experienced its premiere in Leipzig. In October Zieta being one of Audi Q3 testimonials sponsored with its colorful Plopp stool family (around 100 pieces of mini, standard and kitchen stools) the presentation of the new Audi Q3 in Leipzig on its tour across Germany. The event took place in the old district office (Altes Landratsamt) nowadays a known location for events, fairs or congresses and was visited by many VIPs, local stars and authorities, not to mention all acknowledged Audi fans. The usually rough exhibition hall was transferred into a minimalistic and stylish interior which highlighted the technology and the new sciences being the inspiration for the designing process of Audi Q3. Zieta´s FiDU technology as one of the inspiration with its iconic Plopp stool played a crucial role in the premiere of the Q3 in Leipzig.Simple, innovative Plopp stools made of inflated steel which is confusing the senses provided an interesting background and unforgettable ambiance for the star of the evening – the Audi Q3. Zieta´s stools and their production process have been chosen for the TV and cinema commercials as well as the adverbs of Audi Q3 in the magazines and newspapers. The events, commercials and paper back adverbs are underlying the entire Audi Q3 campaign: “Build from new expectations”.

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