KOOKU living spaces

12-17 June 2018, 10-12AM /3-6 PM

Basel Schweizergasse 58

KOOKU invites you for an exceptional meeting with the constellation of art design objects, worlds that had never before coexisted in one space. Exhibition of works by artists and designers represented by KOOKU Gallery. Unique aesthetic order with a remarkable power of attraction created for just few days in the interiors of a historic apartment building in the center of Basel. A journey into one’s self, an expedition in search of undiscovered and a confrontation of man with the infinity of the universe – symbolize three extraordinary rooms – KOOKU living spaces.

Final frontier

The space created in the interiors of a historic apartment building will also be a cosmos full of riddles – a cosmogram no one had dared to sketch before. Among the planets that fill it, we will find both well-known and new ones that have just been discovered. These will include the artwork of Christopher Boots, Lee Broom, John Eric Byers, Apiwat Chitapanya, Arno Declerq, Christophe Delcourt, Jan Garncarek, Paul Heijnen, Cameron Mathieson, Richard Yasmine, Oskar Zieta, Atelier Fèvrier, Bocci, CC-Tapis, Collection Particuliѐre, Henzel Studio, JCP, Rooms, and Sѐ, among others.


“Where No One Has Gone Before”

Unique objects juxtaposed in an unprecedented, non-obvious way – like an unusual conjunction of planets occurring once every thousand years, an ephemeral cosmic phenomenon that fascinates and attracts us Earthlings, but also moves us, arouses anxiety, and prompts us to ask questions. Meteor showers, eclipses, long comet tails, supernova eruptions, mysterious satellites hidden in the shadows of planets, sunspots, and black holes – they all invariably arouse our curiosity and inspire us to explore the secrets of the universe.

“You will be completely different, and everything will be different,” wrote Stanisław Lem in The Magellanic Cloud, foreshadowing his hero’s transformation when setting off on an intergalactic voyage exceeding the existing limits of cognition. KOOKU invites you to a get to know a new world, which could be an equally transformative experience: both for our inner self as well as the spaces we occupy every day. The exhibition “Inner/outer. KOOKU living spaces” is an occasion to dive inside the self in confrontation with the new and the unknown, to search for harmony among contrasts and rules among chaos.


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