Tools for your creativity


3+ is innovative technology for stabilising sheet-metal, in the form of our furniture collection 3+. It’s a modular solution reflecting today’s nomadic and mobile lifestyle. Thanks to set of connectors every stabilizing perforation can be used as starting point for creating a new construction.  3+ is always current, and ready to answer the requirements of change.


The office, workshop, kitchen, lounge room and retail are all stationary, yet characterised by mobile function. They tend to follow the contemporary user.
3+ technology reinvents its function every day with every interaction. It becomes an ultra-light construction for the every day, thanks to its strong, innovative and minimalistic features, which you create.

3+ TECHNOLOGY offers one of the most flexible and effective production process because we don’t use prefabricated sandwich plates but manufactured our own shapes based on two thin customised metal sheets. Due to computer controlling manufacturing and CNC machines each object is a one-of-a-kind piece and can be customised according to individual needs. We are able to manufactured objects with different dots’ raster, dimensions, colours and made of different materials, like steel or stainless steel.

In our collection we offer chairs, tables, shelving, but we don’t want to categorise them as office or dining chairs, workshop or kitchen tables, because it is you, that creates their function. Thanks to a simple system of connectors and versatile elements you are able to give each product a new context, function or even create new ones from scratch. Each perforation is a starting point to satisfy your personal needs, accommodating products to new situations and tasks.

3+ Workshop – the workshop is not only a place to work, it is a tool.


Due to the stability and durability of the 3+ constructions, you can easily set workshop in a garage, a studio or an office. The versatility of our solution allows you to arrange workshop using e.g. furniture boards from living room or dining table, according to the ReUse idea.