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3+ collection

A freedom of rearranging your space for work and living.

3+ is a collection of furniture made in our technology of forming sheet metal. Using advantage of holes and technical characteristics allowed to create three kinds of furniture that are an onset to further development of 3+ system. Standard set of furniture can be rearranged and  expanded in order to create remarkable solutions for offices, houses and public venues.

Start your unrestricted imagination. Create a space that will be exactly as you want, that doesn’t limit your creativity. 3+ gives you endless and timeless possibilities.

We are process designers.

Entire basic collection is made of high quality aluminum. In addition to light material, we created a technology of ultra light metal sheets where stability is as important as weight. It makes the sheets resistant to high pressure. As a result, standard 3+ metal sheets are produced. The collection is mobile, easy to assemble, allowing to add any 3+ accessories.

A standard multi-layer plate is heavy and requires a complex and multi-stage production process. Thanks to the intuitive 3+ technology, we create panels using not only sheet metal, but also the world’s lightest natural resource – air.

Zieta delivers across the entire world.


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